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Are you interested in starting a School Awareness Campaign?

Across Ontario and throughout the world, there are a variety of Student Crime Stoppers Awareness Programs.  They ALL have the following requirements in common:

  • Links with the community Crime Stoppers Board of Directors
  • The support and approval of the school administration
  • Representation from all grades in the school
  • Create a set of procedures to:

√ inform the student body about the purpose of Crime Stoppers

√ advertise the anonymous reporting of crime to Crime Stoppers

√ stress and maintain the anonymity of users of the Tip Line and Web Tips

√  use a single Tip Line number:  1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Student programs vary with the size of the school district, the number of active/interested students and staff, and the approach to school safety used within an individual school or school board district.

Some programs operate as part of Student Council, through Safe School or Social Justice Committees or through School Councils.

Schools create programs ranging from awareness only right up to creating a Student Board modelled on the community Board of Directors.

 Potential Activities for Students:

  • Promote the Crime Stoppers Program through fliers, posters, announcements or message boards
  • Work with your school administration to implement plans and programs designed to keep your school a safe place to learn and work
  • Involve your School Liaison or Resource Officer or Police Program Coordinator
  • Raise funds for Crime Stoppers —  Crime Stoppers needs funds from the community to pay the rewards for tips that lead to arrests.
  • Organize special presentations, speakers, workshops, and performances (e.g. dramatic/visua/lmedia)
  • Take part in safe school conferences and symposiums
  • Integrate information about Crime Stoppers into peer mediation programs
  • Invite representatives of Crime Stoppers to make presentations in high schools to classes taking Grade 10 Civics, Grades 11 and 12 Law or Grade 11 Leadership and Peer Support.  Civic responsibility, positive problem-solving and respecting democratic rights and responsibilities are part of other subject areas as well.  Such presentations can lead to a more extensive Crime Stoppers Awareness Program in the school.
  • As a group, create a List of Tips for Student Security in your school and share it with the whole school ( e.g. Always lock your locker).
  • Volunteer at community safe school events to earn Community Involvement Hours toward secondary school graduation.
  • Ensure a succession plan to keep the program going over time.

Interested in more?  Contact the Crime Stoppers Office for more information:  905-546-4808 or