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The introduction of a Student Crime Stoppers (SCS) program began in Boulder, Colorado in the mid-1980’s.  In the early 1990’s  the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers (OACS), working in conjunction with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Safe School Task Force formed a Scholastic Committee responsible for the development of a working protocol for an Ontario SCS program.

In addition to members of the OACS, the Committee had representatives from the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services, Ministry of the Attorney General, Ministry of Education and Training, Crime Prevention Ontario, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, Catholic Teachers Federation and the Ontario Secondary School Student Association.

With continued help and guidance from OPP A/D.Sgt. Alex Williamson, the initial concept of local SCS programs expanded to include a new initiative that now includes an estimated 280 secondary school programs in Ontario.

Currently, there are over 1200 student programs worldwide in over 30 countries in the world.